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OCTOBER 25 & 26, 2024

The film that started it all! The original Jurassic Park is Steven Spielberg's special effects masterpiece that kicked off five more films. But at its heart, this cinematic spectacle is ultimately the story of the discovery and appreciation of family. John Williams' music brilliantly captures the excitement, the wonder, and the warmth of this epic and enjoyable trailblazer. 

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NOVEMBER 16, 2024

Wagner | Overture to Rienzi
Tchaikovsky | Piano Concerto #1 feat. Dominic Cheli, piano
Stravinsky | The Firebird Suite

No debut was more earth-shattering in the classical world than the evening The Firebird ballet premiered in Paris. Stravinsky went from a relative unknown to the toast of all of Europe, and soon - the rest of the world with the sheer power of this awe-inspiring score. The legend of the Firebird is a story with many incarnations, but its themes of love, battles, rescues, and victory showcase all that people love about the power of the orchestral sound. 

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DECEMBER 7, 2024

Take a break from your holiday preparations and celebrate the season with some of your favorite holiday tunes, old and new. This program offers everything from classical to pop, kitsch, and everything in between. 

Our holiday show is always a big hit, so don't miss it!

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JANUARY 25, 2025

Mozart | Abduction from the Seraglio (Overture)
Mendelssohn | Midsummer Nights Dream Incidental (excerpts)
Mozart | Symphony No. 25, Haffner

Mozart's music isn't just famous - it's also fabulous. We dive into the music of the world's best-known child prodigy. Each work here is selected for its energy and quick tempos and to showcase the elegant sound of the orchestral musicians of our symphony. Bright, vivid, joyous, and jocular, this will be one of the happiest concerts of the season. 

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FEBRUARY 22, 2025

Gala Flagello | Vitality
Price | Piano Concert in One Movement
Beethoven | Symphony No. 3

Beethoven's third symphony marked a turning point in the history of western music. Not only did it change the course of his own career, but it also had a profound impact on all composers who came after him. This program features two other "Breakthrough" pieces that helped their composers gain wider recognition, fame, and a greater interest in the very note they composed. Listen to the early works of three trailblazing composers and witness the beginnings of their illustrious career. 

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MARCH 22, 2025

Jennifer Higdon | blue cathedral
Rachmaninoff | Piano Concert No. 2 feat. Henry Kramer, piano
Berlioz | Symphonie Fantastique

Sometimes, progress happens in leaps and bounds. There is no better example of that than Symphonie Fantastique, a massive jump in what a "Symphony" can do. Bigger, longer, louder, crazier. Berlioz truly broke the mold with his opium-inspired hedonism. Jenifer Higdon's star rose higher and shone brighter after blue cathedral premiered, becoming one of the most programmed works of living composers today. 

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APRIL 26, 2025

Haydn | The Creation

Haydn was already famous when he wrote his Creation late in life. With it, he somewhat rescued the Oratorio from obscurity with its unusual combination of drama and music. His orchestrations were sung in a way no other composer dared at this time. Doves coo, leviathans roar, and the sun itself appears in the sky for the first time, accompanied by Haydn's brilliant orchestral choices. 

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