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Your legacy is their future. 

The Symphony Endowment Fund is a permanent fund invested to generate income through the interest and dividends earned on the fund principal. The principal remains in the fund, continue to earn interest in perpetuity.

The Legacy Society can accept numerous types of gifts for its endowment fund, either immediately or through a charitable gift in a will or a living trust. We can accept cash, stocks and bonds, life insurance proceeds (as a beneficiary under a policy), retirement funds (IRA, 401K) again as a beneficiary, and charitable remainder trusts.

Planned gifts such as a charitable remainder trust can provide immediate tax benefits along with a sustained income throughout the life of the donor, while creating a donation that ultimately goes toward the Symphony’s endowment.

One of the most popular and convenient ways of donating to the fund is to make a charitable bequest directing that a gift be made from your estate. It ensures that your support of the Symphony will continue after you are gone. For instance, you can include the Tulare County Symphony Association in your will or as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy or IRA.

The fund may also accept gifts of real property and other physical assets, subject to approval by the Symphony Association to be sure that the gift makes sense for us and can be managed within our fund structure.

The minimum donation to join the Legacy Society is $5,000. We invest the endowment funds with the goal of capital preservation first and income generation second. The principal is invested and only the earnings can be spent to support the Symphony.

To find out more about the Legacy Society or other creative ways you can provide assistance to the Symphony, please call the office at 559 732-8600 or write to us at Tulare County Symphony Association, P.O. Box 1201, Visalia, CA 93279-1201