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The Tulare County Symphony performs at the Visalia Fox Theatre on April 29, 2017.


The Adopt-A-Musician campaign is an important fund raiser for the Symphony.  It is also one of the ways we acknowledge the investment that each artist has made throughout his or her lifetime to develop the level of mastery necessary to be a part of our orchestra.

We have approximately 85 musicians who perform with us on a regular basis.  Last year, we successfully provided each musician in our orchestra with at least two parents and we hope to do so again this season. We believe both our patrons and musicians benefit from having the opportunity to identify with one another as individuals.

The cost of adopting a musician is $100 – and $350 for Dr. Kiesling. In the spring we hold a hosted reception at the Fox Theatre where patrons and adopted musicians can mingle!

For a $100 donation you can adopt a musician for the season. To adopt a musician call our office at (559) 732-8600.

Call our office today at (559) 732-8600 to adopt-a-musician or get more information here.